Jenin: The Garden Spring

Located in the northern part of Palestine, Jenin lies on the border of the Samarian Hills.  It served as a transit station

on the trade road. Jenin is the ancient En-gannim of the Bible and is the same village referred to as Ginaea. 

The Romans were the first to name the city of Jenin in the sixth century.  The name was derived from Ein Ganim, meaning the spring of

Ganim and referring to the region’s plentiful springs.  It was 4 kilometers from Jenin, at the village  of Burqin, where

Jesus cured the 10 lepers residing in a cave at the edge of the village.  Today visitors can see interesting ruins of

a Byzantine church, which was built on the cave.

Jenin was occupied by the Crusaders in 1103 and then liberated by the Muslim leader Salah Din Al-Ayyoubi in 1187 during

the famous Battle of Hitteen.

A beautiful drive through the countryside takes you to Jenin, where you may enjoy the delicious shish kebab and musakhan

dishes.  Jenin is a characteristic oriental town, with its houses built on the slopes of a hill and surrounded by gardens

of carob, fig, and palm trees that are irrigated by a tiny brook.

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